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Maharaj Rovers is a full-fledged inbound travel company which is all about exploring and experiencing various parts of India. Tourism in India has grown in manifolds as a number of travelers set foot in India to experience the rich and vast culture along with the incredible natural beauty of India. There are 35 World Heritage Sites in India that are recognized by the UNESCO and all of them are a sight to behold. We help travelers by customizing tour packages according to their schedule so that they witness as much as possible in their stay. We have experience of over 15 years in the Tourism industry and we know how to provide great services to our clients in order to keep them satisfied. Safety of our clients is of utmost importance to us as we keep striving to provide a memorable experience which is also safe for our clients.
Maharaj Rovers’ aim is to provide an insider’s view of our diverse landscape. Our staff is highly qualified and very fluent in English which will help you get a great understanding of this beautiful country. Our tour operators will provide you with a glimpse of India’s rich history, scenic hill stations, a variety of lively markets, serene beaches and rich wildlife with a promise of an unforgettable and unique experience. We take pride in providing a one-stop-shop service to our clients where you can book domestic flights as well as tour packages across India. Basically, you just need a valid Indian visa and we will take care of the rest. Our prices are competitive and our services are exemplary.
In addition to this, we provide a variety of excursions and experiences to suit the varying budgets and interests of our customers.